Paris based photographer, distributed by Hans Lucas. 
After a degree in "Social Communication - Journalism" and a few (good) years writing for the press, she moved to Paris in 2011. Being an immigrant, a woman and a Brazilian triggers a particular interest in stereotypes, a subject she will explore in her personal projects.
She also does reportages, portraits for individuals (children, couples, families) and companies (portraits, event reports), interior photos and photo-reportages for companies and organizations.
Her personal work has been exhibited in Berlin, Lisbon, Coimbra, Paris and Curitiba.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
+33 7 69 88 11 39
2017/2018: International Class - Neue Schule fur Fotografie - Berlin, Germany
2015: Magnum Workshops, A Day With Bruce Gilden - Paris, France
1997-2000: Bachelor degree in Social Communications - Journalism at Pontifical University of Paraná - Curitiba, Brazil

2018 -  I Simpósio de Combate ao Assédio às Brasileiras no Exterior, Coimbra and Lisbon, Oct 10-12: Projection of the photo-documentary project "Moi, Brésilienne" followed by a talk about the theme. 
2018 - Anachronisms at Café Dritt Raum, Berlin, June-July: solo exhibition 
2018 - Cine Brasil Marginal, Curitiba, Brazil, April 13th-15th: Projection of the photo-documentary project  "Moi, Brésilienne"
2018 - Moi, Brésilienne au Pitch Me, April 12th, Paris: Projection of the photo-documentary project  "Moi, Brésilienne"
2018 - Congresso de Filosofia da UFG "Erotismo, Filosofia e Cidadania", Cidade de Goiás, Brazil, January: Projection of the photo-documentary project "Moi, Brésilienne"
2017 - Podiumsdiskussion "Vivências e Convivências", Berlin, Nov 17th: Projection of the photo-documentary project  "Moi, Brésilienne"
2017 - What's Going On Brazil, Berlin, Berlin, Nov 1st: Projection of the photo-documentary project "Moi, Brésilienne"
2017 - Open House at Neue Schule für Fotografie, October: streetphotography series "Anachronisms"

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